Glorious FIght Club participated in the WBC Amazing Muay Thai Festival 2024 at Bangkok, Thailand


The WBC MuayThai was established in 2004 under the World Boxing Council (WBC) as a non-profit organization, with a mission to develop professional Muay Thai worldwide, as an affiliated division of the WBC, adhering to the rules set by the Board of Boxing Sport (Office of Professional Sports) of the Sports Authority of Thailand.

WBC MuayThai was created to facilitate and sanction professional Muay Thai competitions to develop and expand Muay Thai worldwide and to foster Muay Thai at all levels and weight divisions with international safety standards for the development of Muay Thai as a world premier fighting art.

Since its inception, the WBC Muay Thai has promoted the sport of Muay Thai worldwide. To this day, the WBC MuayThai is active in over ninety-five countries and territories, hosting professional, amateur, and youth MuayThai championships across eighteen weight categories.

The World Boxing Council MuayThai’s core aim is to continue to showcase the culture and spirit of MuayThai, from Thailand to the world.

The WBC MuayThai adheres to the rules and regulations of the Sports Authority of Thailand and is actively involved in the WBC Clean Boxing Program to maintain fairness and an even playing field for all athletes.

Glorious Fight Club Official Fighters

Aman managed to get into the semi-final round . Shah moved on to the quarterfinals after being defeated by a TKO opponent from Italy.

Thank you @wbcmuaythai & WBC MuayThai Malaysia for the opportunity. Great experience for the fighters and it was fun!


Aman bronze medalist 🥉

Shah bronze medalist 🥉


We are looking forward for next year event and we will do it again!

Thank you everyone for the support everyone!



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